Ken Betts, Inc. - Chevron Service Stations, Car Washes, Convenience Stores and Towing Services
All conveniently located near you in Oakland, California.

Betts Lakeshore Chevron - Click here for a map!

Betts Lakeshore Chevron - We're here to help you!

Mon - Sat 7 AM to 8 PM * Sun 8 AM to 8 PM

Trust us to take care of your car. We have the latest in quality diagnostic equipment your new or older car needs.
Our mechanics are knowledgeable and have access to the most up-to-date techniques and tools needed to diagnose
and repair the things that can go wrong with your vehicle.

For positions with Betts Lakeshore Chevron contact the manager at (510) 465-1761. Thank you.

Ken Betts Montclair Chevron - Click here for a map!

Ken Betts Montclair Chevron - In the heart of Montclair Village!

Mon - Fri 6:30 AM to 10 PM * Sat 6:30 AM to 10 PM * Sun 7 AM to 8 PM

Call us for an appointment today. We can take care of everything from an oil change to transmission service.
From the point of rescuing you where you broke down on the highway with one of our tow trucks,
to fixing what's wrong with your car at one of our automotive repair facilities, to washing it at one of our car washes.

A whole spectrum of services are available to you from one company;
a company known for honesty, for fair deals and for quality work.

For positions with Ken Betts Montclair Chevron contact the manager at (510) 339-1064. Thank you.

Ken Betts Redwood Chevron - Click here for a map!

Ken Betts Redwood Chevron - At the edge of the Lincoln Square Shopping Center.

Mon - Fri 6 AM to 10 PM * Sat 7 AM to 10 PM * Sun 8 AM to 8 PM

The employees at all of our sites consistently earn glowing compliments from customers.

For positions with Ken Betts Redwood Chevron contact the manager at (510) 531-9131. Thank you.

Ken Betts Suds Machine - Click here for a map!

Ken Betts Suds Machine - Near Kaiser Permanente Hospital
and a great shopping district on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland!

Summertime Hours: Mon - Sat 7 AM to 7 PM * Sun 8 AM to 6 PM
Wintertime Hours: Mon - Sat 7 AM to 6 PM * Sun 8 AM to 6 PM

The guys at Ken Betts Suds Machine will do a hand pre-wash for you before you go
through our car wash and another employee will towel dry your car at the other end to prevent water spots!

For positions with Ken Betts Suds Machine contact the manager at (510) 547-5507. Thank you.

Some of Our Tow Trucks

Ken Betts Towing Service
Serving the East Bay For Over 40 Years
4825 San Leandro Street, Oakland, CA 94601
(510) 532-5000
Toll Free 1-800-404-2388

You can e-mail us at

Ken Betts Towing Service - Click Here for a Map

Ken Betts' Towing Service - Conveniently located in Oakland - Cars stored securely inside and within fenced areas!

Office open Mon - Fri 7 AM to 5 PM
Service 24 Hours a Day!

Towing in the Bay Area - Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda, Emeryville and San Leandro presents special challenges;
challenges that we have always been prepared to meet. Traffic congestion is a problem in the Bay Area but with the use
of advanced technology our tow truck drivers can move around the cities in a safe and timely manner.
We can help with local or long distance towing.

Our tow truck drivers know how to tow your car. Each major automotive manufacturer has
specific requirements for their vehicles and we meet them.

We can assist you with jump starts, lock outs, tire changes and battery installations. We can even try to get your
car started and get you on the go. We have flatbeds (rollback), wheel lifts and small service trucks which are perfect
for low clearances.

You can also benefit from our three AAA Automotive Approved Repair Stations in Oakland, Montclair and Piedmont area.
For automotive repair related questions please call us at (510) 763-9392.
We will be glad to assist you and appreciate your business.

No job is too great or too small.

When your car breaks down call Ken Betts Towing Service at (510) 532-5000 or (800)404-2388 for help!

For positions at Ken Betts' Towing Service contact the manager at (510) 532-5000. Thank you.

If you are interested in Private Property Tows click here.

If you are interested in relocating vehicles in the San Francisco Bay Area please give us a call at (510) 532-5000.

Ayub Azam, Tow Manager Cell: (510) 735-4600 or

Ken Betts Towing

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